27. huhtikuuta 2013

Hey, there´s a Ring Ouzel! 27.4.2013

This was again great day in Hanko bird-observatory.
Standard watch started at 5:40 am and everybody except Jari came to the bunker. He had to open some nets. Sadly this was quite slow morning and like yesterday, Eiders were most numerous birds.
Jari got some Robins, Common Redstarts, Chaffinches and some other birds from the nets.
We had some good birds from the bunker also. Two Arctic Skuas, many Common Terns, one Rough-legged Buzzard, Hobby and some local Slavonian Grebes.


Common Redstart. 

Arctic Skua, light morph.

Petteri took some photos of Chiffchaff.
First Lesser Whitethroat for me this year.

But after all, this was the day of Ring Ouzels. Jari noticed three Thrushes flying near the bunker and he yelled that one of those is Ring Ouzel! Soon we noticed that all of those birds were Ring Ouzels!! Nice flock of these scarce migrants here. Im not sure but this could be record flock ever in this station. In first flock there were one male and two females. Later we had one lonely bird and this is record migration ever here!
Later me and Aki went to Hanko city where some dude saw Hoopoe earlier.
No luck with that, but we met Dick Forsman there, always nice to see him.
Dick told us that in Täktom area were Black Redstart today and we went to check the places.
No luck in first place, but we found nice field where we had two Ring Ouzels more! I went to check those closer and Aki went to find the Redstart.
It was impossible to get any good pic of Thrushes.. So shy guys.. Aki found he´s target specie, so Black Redstart was still there. Nice afternoon!

Male bird. 

Female bird.

After we had some stuff from the store we arrived back to station. Later some food and sauna.
Nice ending for good day.

This Yellow-necked Mouse had some dinner on our feeder. 

More text tomorrow.


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