15. huhtikuuta 2013

Spring birds and many ticks. 15.4.2013

Finally my 5 night shifts are over and i had some time to watch birds.
Many new species arrived last weekend and because i missed it when i was working, me and Jände went to Viikki after my shift. 
I picked up Jände at 7:30 and we arrived to Viikki at 8:00. Low wind was actually quite cold and there was only one plus degree. 
Immediately after i came out of my car i spotted some falcon hoovering above us. First year tick for the day was Common Kestrel! 

Record shot.

After this we walked to the fields and i started to check birds with telescope. 
Many Lapwings, Skylarks, few Stock Doves, Canada Geese, Greylag Geese, five White Wagtails (tick), and lot´s of Fieldfares and Starlings. 
Soon we spotted lonely Barnacle Goose flying over us and that was tick for me too. 
I scanned the fields many times and after about 8 rounds i finally found few Meadow Pipits feeding with Skylarks. Nice. 
Not much to photo but it was really pleasure to watch such a big group of birds after long winter. 

First Wagtails for the year. Finally.

We left after an hour and when we were walking two Common Cranes flew above us quite near. Tick again!
When we arrived to my car, flock of Bean Goose flew over the area.

Bean Goose flock.
After Viikki we take short coffee break and then we went to Haltiala to check some fields. 
Not much birds there.. Chaffinch, Skylarks, Lapwings and so on.. Later two Cranes, Mistle Thrush (tick)  and lonely Bean Goose migrate over the fields. 

Local Yellowhammer in Haltiala.
Common Crane.

Later Jände needed to go to work and i gave him a ride. I decided to continue my day in Hernesaari and i took little sea-watch. Only two Black Guillemots worth mentioning. Guillemots were tick again so total ticks were seven! 

One of four Barnacle Goose in Hernesaari.

What a nice day. Tomorrow i try to have some time for the birds, but so much things to do after 5 nights in work.. 
Thanks Jände for company. 



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