25. huhtikuuta 2013

Lifer and other good birds.

What a day i had!
Yesterday some dude found Green-winged Teal from Vihti.
Me and Roni Väisänen went to look at it in the morning and we arrived to Vihti about 6:am.
There was some guy watching the place where the Teal was found and he told us that the bird is still there.
Quickly we took our telescopes and after 2 minutes we found the bird. Long waited lifer for me.
Bird looked good. Only one vertical stripe in both sides. No other white markings.
Here is very poor record shot where you can see vertical stripe and some Eurasian Teals with horizontal stripes.

Green-winged Teal, Anas Carolinensis. 

The place was actually very good. Many Teals, Wigeons, Bean Geese, Greater White-fronted Geese, Swans and many others.
After Roni dropped me to Nihtisilta, i drove back home and after i changed my car tires i start to drive towards Hanko.
I checked few places before i arrived to Hanko where i did grocery shopping. Hobby and Little Gull where new species for the year.
After i arrived to Hanko Bird-observatory i met the boys, Tuukka, Jonne and Jarkko. We decide to take some watch from the bunker before i give them a ride to the buss station.
It did not took long when Jonne found some big bird flying above Hanko city.
White Stork! Soon there was two birds! Soon they disappeared for a while but Tuukka found them flying towards us.
Jarkko ran back to the station to crap he´s camera and we just waited on the bunker and looked how these amazing birds flew only 50m from us! I took some photos but where in bad light most of the time when they were close.
After this show, birds flew to North and some guys saw them from Täktom witch is near Hanko city.

Close one. 

Both birds. 

Grass Snake.

Later i drove boys to the buss and when i returned to the station, i took some watch in the bunker.
Red-throated Diver, Black-throated Diver, Tree Pipit and other nice shit.
I found also Pied Flycatcher from the yard.
Nice day with many new species for the year. Tomorrow will be rain all day, so not much expectations...
Let´s see.
Thanks everybody for company today.
Year ticks 158


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