28. huhtikuuta 2013

Super ending for great weekend. 28.4.2013

Very poor morning in bird observatory. Fog was freaking dogged! Anyway we had to make some watching from the bunker and Jari put some nets on.
Some Chaffinches flied around, first Wryneck for the year passed bunker after 1,5 hour watch. Nice year tick for me.
Later me and Jari were standing in the bunker when Aki called about Ring Ouzel. Quickly we found the bird sitting on a tree in south-side forest. Guys called to Aatu who´s collecting eco year-ticks. Later all of us saw the bird and it seemed that bird was stayed in small area. Petteri proposed that we could catch the bird.
So we make some efforts to chase it in the net. After 40minutes it finally succeeded!
And what a beauty it was! 2cy Female.

Pepe and Aki with the bird.

What a bird ! 

This nice Greenfinch was also in the net. 

Later we cleaned the house and when people did something, Pepe found two White Storks flying very close to station. Nice station ticks for Jari and Pepe and lifer for Hanna.
We left about at 2 pm and our first stop was in Hanko where we twitched nice male Collared Flycatcher!
Second lifer for Hanna and great yer-tick for me.

Collared Flycatcher.

This is always nice specie. 

Some couple found male Subalpine Warbler yesterday from Espoo and that was my biggest target for the day. I drove quite fast from Hanko and when we arrive to the Lukupuro in Espoo, there was many people checking the bird.
We found it quickly and i got some photos of it.

Subalpine Warbler, male. 

Little bit closer. 

What a great bird. It get some food from the undergrowth and it looked very healthy.
This was only 32th record from Finland, so it´s true rarity here.
Great end for the weekend i think!
Thank you Jari, Pepe, Aatu, Aki, Hanna, Dick, and others who had great time with me this weekend.

See you soon.


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