16. huhtikuuta 2013

Grey day. 16.4.2013

Today was really cloudy and dark weather. Everything looked like grey.
Before noon i went to Seurasaari and i took nice little walk around the island. Many new birds there and many birds were singing actively.
Seven Robins, Winter Wren, Dunnock, Song Thrush, 35 Chaffinches, two Black Woodpeckers, one Great-spotted Woodpecker, Oystercatchers and many others.

One of many Robins today.

Mute Swan.

Singing Blackbird male.


Chaffinch male.

Itchy Mew Gull.

One strange thing i noticed. Black Woodpeckers had destroyed many trees in southern side if the island.
It seemed that they would have did it by fun, but i think it must be something about food.
Never seen so much destruction!
Later afternoon i went to Suomenoja and i was hoping species like Common Pochard and Moohern.
I went to south-side tower and stated to look around.
Black-headed Gull colony is back and there was about 1000 birds screaming constantly.

Little part of the flock. 

Not many birds worth mention.. Lone Marsh Harrier was best bird from tower.
Some flocks of Thrushes were flying around but mostly those were Fieldfares. One Mistle Thrush flied towards west.
After i get bored in the tower, i went to shore where i saw big flock of birds. Mostly BH-Gulls and Mallards, but four Pockhards and few Tufted Ducks also! Nice.
At the same minute, rain started and i walked back to my car. Sadly the lake was still frozen, but not for long. Soon there is huge numbers of Ducks and Mooherns.

One of the four Pockhards. 

Nice day with five new species for this year. Number is 120.
Can´t wait for the weekend, then gets back to watch birds.

Hear you soon.


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