19. huhtikuuta 2013

Windy. 19.4.2013

This was one of those windy and cloudy days. Not much to tell..
My shift ended at 6 AM and after that i drove to Viikki where i met Jari. While i waited Jari i checked some fields near by. Lot´s of Lapwings, some Geese, tens of White Wagtails and two new species  for the year.
Lone Eurasian Golden Plover flied over the fields and soon i heard familiar voice, flock of Eurasian Curlews dropped out in the field. Nice start.
Soon Jari came and we walked to the hot spot, witch is middle of the fields.
Few Stock Doves, Robins, Song Thrush, lot´s of Skylarks and so on while we walked.
Wind was strong today and sometimes it was hard to keep your telescope stable. Fortunately we had even little bit wind shelter behind one barn.

Almost 200 White Wagtails today in Viikki. Maybe more.

Immediately discovered that many species have arrived in last few days.
Redshank, Green Sandpiper, Northern Wheatears, more Geese and Doves.
In two hours we saw also two Marsh Harriers, two Kestrels, one Barn Swallow, Goshawk, Bean Goose race Fabalis, lot´s´of Curlews and many more. It was nice to stand there and just watch how much birds there was.

Whooper Swans.

Eurasian Curlews.

Marsh Harrier. 

After the fields we decided to check Hakala bird tower. Winds was even stronger there and it was very hard to watch anything.
Few Grey Herons, four Smew males, lot´s of Teals, few Wigeon, two Northern Shovelers , Mallards and some Goosanders. Shoveler was new tick for the year.
I really hope the sun will shine tomorrow when i go to Viikki again. I want to get even few good shots.
Thanks Jari for company. See you to morrow.
Year ticks 131



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