22. maaliskuuta 2013

Winter continues.. 22.3.2013

I had time to watch birds today after long period of work.. over 100 hours work in 10 days.
I met Jari again and we took almost same rout than last time in Viikki and Vanhankaupunginlahti.
First we tried to find Three-toed Woodpecker from Pornaistenniemi. Not many birds.. Only Tits, Blackbirds and three Great-spotted Woodpecker males.
Next place was Vanhankaupunginkoski where we had two White-throated Dippers.
Funny creatures!



Other birds in the area was lonely male Goosander and Crows..


After we got our photos we went to Viikki where we started our long walk to Hakala and after that to Mölylä.
About three hour walking around the are we had: about 6 Great-spotted Woodpeckers, two or three Lesser-spotted Woodpeckers, Goldcrests, Green Finches, Coal, Blue, Great and Willow Tits, Sparrow Hawk, Gold Finches and some other birds..



As you can see, there is not many migratory birds.. It´s still very arctic here. Morning was super cold and when i left home there was -9 degrees. Days are sunny and beautiful, but damn cold!
It seems that there is going to be at least one more week of freezing conditions.
Spring migration is already little bit late, so i guess we can wait another week?

Thanks Jari for company. Let´s see if i have some energy to go out some day soon.



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