10. maaliskuuta 2013

Sunny day. 10.3.2013

What a nice day i had with Jari and later Kurko. We started at 10am from Viikki. We wanted to check if the first migrants were there already.
Not many birds in first feeding, just some Greenfinches, Sparrows and Blackbirds. We walked to Hakala where is another feeding place. Nice numbers of Great and Blue Tits, one Willow Tit, some Siskins.
Later we found two beautiful Bramblings, but sadly birds left before we could get any good photos..
Also Black Woodpecker voiced few times.


European Siskin.
What a beauty. Brambling.

After second feeding we continued our walk to old water treatment plant where we found many Mallards and lonely male Goldeneye.

First Goldeneye photo for the year. 

After these ducks we decide to go to Pornaistenniemi witch is very good place for Woodpeckers and other birds later in the spring.
We found only Lesser-spotted Woodpecker and another Black woodpecker (only voice). We tried to found the Black but it was gone soon after final calls.. One Sparrow Hawk gave us quick looks after disappeared in to the woods.

Always late with these.. Sparrow Hawk.

Smallest Woodpecker in Finland. Female bird. 

After Pornaistenniemi we went to Vanhankaupunginkoski where we check few places before Kurko came to pick us.
Next destination was Stansvik country house are where we last time saw the Great-grey Owl. Kurko want to see that same bird and of course we went to help him.
When we arrived there, there was huge group of photographers and other people, so it was very easy to find.

Great-grey Owl.

Better photo than last time i think. Maybe because of my new lens!
We did not want to disturb the bird so we took just few (90) photos from the distance and then we leave.
After the Owl Kurko dropped us to Viikki where we had our cars.
Before i go home i check Eurasian Teal from Vallila and just before i get my self home, i had lonely Stock Dove migrating over Ruoholahti! Two year ticks for me and number is 80 now.

Thank you Jari and Kurko for super company. I had very nice day and i hope you had too. The Owl was so great ending for the day.
Next week is mostly working, but let´s see if i have some energy to do some birding, even in one day.
Hear you soon i hope.



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