11. helmikuuta 2013

Tengmalm´s Owl. 11.2.2013

Today finally time to go out with my camera. Not much time but anyway something.
I twitched a beautiful Tengmalm´s Owl from Haaga, where i lived my childhood. It was funny moment when i parked my car and started to walk, i heard car horn and when i turned around, Pekka Komi sat in the car and gave me some hand signs. I walked to the car and he gave me a ride to the right place and told me how to find this Owl!
So, thank you Pekka, that was very helpful. After short walk i found the bird and there i was, cute little ball of feathers sat on a branch.

Tengmalm´s Owl.

What a hell are you looking at!?!

The place was beautiful park where have been planted some Rhododendrons.

The park.

People leave some nuts and seed for the birds there, so it was not surprise to find many Tits and Black Birds.
The Owl was my year tick number 68, so i have lot´s of work coming to get a new personal record, witch is 242 in one year.
More postings this week. I have weekend off so there is time :)



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