17. heinäkuuta 2013

Midsummer is boring. 16-17.7.2013

Wow, that was long break while writing here. I have been at work quite much and i must say, this midsummer is semi boring time to watch birds.. 
Yesterday i went to Viikki with my colleagues from work. Not much to tell about birds but we had nice few hours and i guess there was some lifers for the guys. Grey Herons, Coots, Green Sandpipers, lots of Geese and so on. 
Thanks for the company guys. 
Later i went to Maari bird tower where i saw two Curlew Sandpipers, four Dunlins and other waders. 
Curlew sand was year tick number 239.
Vanhankaupunginlahti is near to Viikki.

Juvenile Spotted Flycatcher. 

Photographing flying Redwings is very hard.

Today Sarina told me about some ship event near our house. So after we both took some gym time we went to shore witch is very near us. 
Lots of Sailing ships, big and small. We walked around, sun was shining and we had a nice time. 


Bigger ship.

Lots of flags. 

Later Sarina had to go to work so i went to Suomenoja.
Lots of vegetation around the lakes but i managed to see some ducks and many juvenile Black-headed Gulls.
Only one Slavonian Grebe this time. Many ducks had clearly their second brood. 


Grass Snake. 


Juvenile Common Moorhen.

Juvenile Black-headed Gull is great looking bird. Lots of colors.

Again one with family of Common Pochards.

Mallard mother and babies. 

Nice sunny day. Can´t wait the autumn migration. :)


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