23. heinäkuuta 2013

Summertime at Ruokolahti again. 20-22.7.2013

Me and Sarina went to Ruokolahti again this weekend. Its always nice to spend some time in quiet place without thought of work.
We arrived Saturday afternoon and after we had settled in we start to make some food. Soon rest of the group came and we had nice evening with delicious food and some drinks.
This was not trip for the birds, but whenever we go there i always have my lifetime project to have even decent photos of Black-throated Divers.
Only some Swan photos, not Divers today.

Whooper Swans.


Sunday we had better weather and i had some time to walk around with my camera. Not much but Red-breasted Flycatcher was nice. Other birds were Hazel Grouse, Great-spotted Woodpecker, Goshawk, and some Divers.
Later afternoon i tried some fishing and we just had super time.

Me fishing. 

Where is rare birds?

Great-spotted Woodpecker.

Black-throated Diver.


Next morning we had to leave because im sitting at work at the moment... Unfortunately.
But we had great time and i hope we have time to go back this summer.


Next post maybe Wednesday.


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