27. tammikuuta 2015

Helsinki birding with new friend. 26.1.2015

A while ago Tyron Francis contacted me and asked if i´m available to do some bird watching with him. Yesterday i finally had time and i met him at the Seurasaari bridge and we had nice but not so birdy walk around the island.
Normal birds were around including Great-spotted Woodpecker, Great and Blue Tit, Jay, Black Woodpecker (call), Sparrow Hawk, Goldcrest and of course plenty of Black Birds.
I was supposed to show Owls but we had no luck this time. Even Crows were against us! After noticing that the island is quite empty, we decided to go to Lapinlahti and find Northern Hawk Owl for Tyron.
After two trams and little walk i spotted the Owl sitting on a branch little higher that i hoped. Second time i had to take poor document photos of this bird. But i was glad that bird was still there and Tyron got lifer.

This fellow got evil face.

Sadly no sunlight. 

Tyron doing binoscouping of the owl.

After the Owl we quickly checked the area and little pool where two Coots spend time little earlier, but today birds were gone. This was our last birdings for the day and we walked to Ruoholahti metro station. After Tyron left i missed my tram and remembered that long staying Coot spend time near by in Ruoholahti canal. I went to check there and found the bird standing on ice.
Bird looked very bad with injured wing. Hope it survives.

Coot with Mallards.

Smart looking Herring Gull also with Mallard flock.

Thanks for the great company Tyron! Hope we can make another trip soon.
More birding hopefully soon.


2 kommenttia:

  1. Good times indeed, shame we didn't see more but the vole more than made up for the lack of birds for me ;-)

  2. Damn, i forgot the Vole! Anyway, good day!