30. tammikuuta 2015

Quick walk in Seurasaari before gym. 30.1.2015

Today we had some twitching plans with my uncle Jände, but those plans were ruined because hes work. So i had to manage something by my self and i decided to check Seurasaari again, because it is so close and easy target for me with my bicycle.
This time i wanted to count all Tits and other semi interesting birds. In 1,5 hours i had 52 Great Tits, 34 Blue Tits, 8 Coal Tits and 2 Crested Tits.
Nice numbers and this time i even got decent photos of Crested Tit with dramatic dark background.

Crested Tit.

Semi stagnant Crested Tit.

Also "lots" of Great-spotted Woodpeckers in island and i counted 5 today.

This G-S Woodpecker male looking individual.

Black Woodpecker has been very hard bird to photograph for me, but today i managed to find one and i got almost what i wanted, but bird was little too high.

Female Black Woodpecker.

Later i was walking already away from the island i saw flying Eagle Owl near the islands restaurant but i could not find it with little search.
Near the bridge is little feeding and there was lost of birds. Three Goldcrests, one Robin and lots of Tits. People were hand feeding the birds and took lots of photos.


Female Goldcrest.

Also Red Squirrel is one of the main characters in Seurasaari and i counted 27 of these nest robbing mammals. Here is one.

"I ate too much peanuts" 

Day was not over yet and when i was walking along the bridge i noticed distant Common Buzzard flying over Munkkiniemi! After few rounds bird continued and disappeared towards North.
Nice bird!
Unfortunately i have to work whole weekend and few days after that, but more birding next week.


3 kommenttia:

  1. Incidently I think we actually met this day in Seurasaari and I asked you about the Eagle Owl (you were a bit luckier than me on that, no flying sight for me).

    Being a foreigner in Helsinki without speaking the language this is one of the few places with very good information, I follow it for some time. It just frustrates me that I go to the same places and cannot find half of what you find (but I just started last year and all bt myself so I'm pretty much a beginner).

    Keep it up.

  2. Hello Luis, I remember you! Winter time is very frustrating here and i´m also checking same places every time. Little later spring you can join me if im going to Espoo or neighboring areas :)


  3. Thanks for the invitation, I'll appreciate doing that, as I'm sure that's the best way to learn.