20. tammikuuta 2017

Checking the Dippers again. 20.1.2017

We had quite late morning today and I thought that no time to visit any destination far a way, so we went to check if the Dipper would show up again, and this time I took my camera with me.
When we went out the day looked bright and nice, but when we arrived to the stream there was only little bit light and not really a photographers weather.
I promised to Vilma that if I could take some photos of the birds, she could visit a playground little bit later. We had a deal.
This time I found only one Dipper but it posed nicely and I got my poor light photos. Also few Grea-spotted Woodpeckers today with normal forest Tits.

One of two Dippers in our near by stream.

Same bird.

Two Great-spotted Woodpeckers.

We walked back to the playground and Vilma had good times. We tested the Swing together and there was also some kind of spinning wheel where she loved to be.

My happy little girl! <3 

Great morning. More later.


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