18. tammikuuta 2017

Paternity leave. 16.1-17.1.2017

So, I´m on paternity leave for four weeks, a homedad. I have plenty of time to go out and watch birds with my daughter, and we started all that from near by area called Keskuspuisto. There is few feeders near our house and great stream which holds at least two Dippers.
At 16th we had nice walk in the woods and along the stream. We had two Dippers, Lesser-spotted Woodpecker, Goshawk, Long-tailed Tits and other common stuff.

Our Dipper place.

Next day we made same route and this time I got some photos of the Dippers. I have camera, but because I´m lazy, I left it home and that was mistake..
First I found a Robin from the feeders which was quite responsive, and after that two Dippers just watched us from 2 meters! All I had was binoculars and my phone.

Shitty record shot of the Robin.

Too many photos of the common bird like Robin? 

And here are the Dipper photos.


And another.

Even Vilma got tick of this great species. She noticed this second bird, started to point it and said "titityy" which is a common Great Tit language, you know? :)

More stories coming soon. Maybe some other places we should visit.


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