18. tammikuuta 2017

Vääksy 7.1-8.1.2017

It was weekend and good time to visit my mother-in-law in Vääksy.
We had amazing food and good times on Friday when we arrived. On Sunday I had time to visit the Asikkala Kirkonkylä again with more time. I started from stream near the center, but no luck with the Dipper this time..

No Dipper this time.

Local birdwatchers found Siberian Accentor and Ortolan Bunting from there last year and I wanted to try to relocate them. Place also holds big flock of Yellowhammers, Goldfinches, Redpolls and Arctic Redpolls. When I arrive, there was a lone birder, but I had to drive little more further to park my car, and when I came back he was gone...
I was scanning the area with my telescope and it was maybe eight time I looked that same tree and BOOM, Siberian Accentor! I watched it about few seconds and started to grab my phone to take some scoping photos. At the same time an ATV passed me and flushed all the birds in different directions.. Great! I tried to relocate the bird, but no change.. I stayed another 20 minutes.

Small part of hte bigger Yellowhammer flock.

Later I was back at my mother-in-laws place I got a phone call from Mika Selin and he told me that the last record of Accentor was back from mid December! And even bigger surprise was that he had Ortolan Bunting there just before I came to the place! You really can´t see everything! I hope the local birders can relocate both of the birds, so others can see it too!

What a great trip to Vääksy again.


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