9. lokakuuta 2018

American Golden Plover 6.10.2018

On 4h of October a small group of birders found interesting looking Plover from Kemiönsaari. During the day the birds was identified as a American Golden Plover. I wanted to see that bird of course , but because I´m working a lot, I had to wait until 6th and then I had chance to go.
Markus Keskitalo was with me when we started at 5.30 am from Helsinki and after two hours we arrived to Kemiönsaari. About 20 people around, but because everybody just looked in different directions we thought that bird is still missing.
I took my telescope and while Markus was still adding more clothes I noticed a small flock of Plover in the field. It took me about 15 seconds to find the bird. I told Markus that there is a bird which looks good and Markus was happy when he looked the bird.
We yelled the other birders that the bird was found and everybody was happy. The flock must have been sleeping in the field because first birders arrived about 45 minute earlier than we and didn´t see anything.
Bird was feeding actively and moved in small area. It was little too far away for cameras, but with phonescope I was able to take some decent pictures and nice video of it. Later it was lots of closer when we were already gone...
Here is some pictures of this super rare bird, which is only third record in Finland ever! Species is not too rare in some parts of Western Palearctic, but here it is MEGA.

American Golden Plover.

What a bird! 

Color difference between European and American Golden Plovers.

American Golden Plover. 

Thank you Markus for the company, this was super nice trip.


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