15. tammikuuta 2019

Winter birds near the center of Helsinki 14.1.2019

Every year there is some scarce winterers here in Helsinki and yesterday I managed to see some of those. Lone Barnacle Goose in Töölö with Eurasian Teal, European Wigeon and two Canada Geese in same little open water area.

Like last year there is some Crossbills in Eira and this time we can enjoy one male Parrot Crossbill with three Common Crossbills. I managed to see those too. And last but not least to my year list was a flock of three Rooks in Vallila, which is semi rare bird here. I saw only one bird, but that is enough!
Especially Rook and Parrot Crossbill can be tricky to find from Helsinki area.

Today (15th) I finally had my camera with me and I was in Eira with Julius while Vilma visited a doctors office. Same birds were present and I got few records shots of the birds.

Male Parrot Crossbill. 

Same bird again.

Female-type Common Crossbill. 

Our time ended pretty quickly and I took my family for lunch. After we had nice burgers, we headed back home.
Days are so short here and daylight is around 6hours now. Also our Canary Island trip is closer and we are leaving next week!


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