12. helmikuuta 2019

Fuerteventura day one and two 21.1-22.1.2019

Finally I have time to write something about our trip to Canary Islands.

We arrived to the Fuerteventura on 21st of January and cause our flight was quite early we had whole day ahead. I picked up our rental car and we drove to our hotel in Castillo Caleta de Fuste. I really can recommend our hotel Barceló Castello beach resort. We had great food and clean rooms every day.
I had info about the local rarities in the island and we made 2km walk to Salinas Golf Club area where a female Lesser Scaup was hanging with three Common Teals. Scaup was showing well, though it was quite far away. Also Ruddy Shelducks, lots of Yellow-legged Gulls and Spanish Sparrows around.

Distant photo of the Lesser Scaup.

On our way back to hotel we had huge group of Barbary Ground Squirrels and some butterflies like Painted Lady and Clouded Yellow. Also Common Sandpipers, a Ruddy Turnstone and more Yellow-legged Gulls along the shore.

I think this is a Clouded Yellow, Colias Croceus.

Barbary Ground Squirrel, Atlantoxerus Getulus.

Rest of the first day we had good food, some well deserved beer and swimming in the pool.

On 22nd we made trip to Oasis Park which is large Zoo in Fuerteventura. We had about an hour drive and area was so nice and big, so we spend there about 5 hours.
We started from Lemur Experience where you can see Lemurs very closely.

Family photo. 

Me and Lemur. 

Vilma was super excited about Giraffes, Hippos and Elephants and cause we don´t have those in our zoos in Finland, it was very nice to see all those large animals. Never thought that I would give an apple to Giraffe!

This Grey Heron was outside of the zoo area, maybe waiting all the tourist to leave and then going to fish in some pool there. 

Berthelot´s Pipit inside of the zoo area, but wild bird of course. 

Vilma and Giraffe. 

After the zoo we drove to Costa Calma which was the place for the rarities in the island. At least two Yellow-browed Warblers, one Red-breasted Flycatcher and Allen´s Gallinule was seen there only day before. We walked around the park where the birds were seen and soon I heard two different Yellow-browed Warblers calling constantly. Weird that this Siberian warbler was so far a way from home. Also the Red-breasted Flycatcher came to open and it was showing nice for a few seconds and then it flew away. No change to take photos with my slow super zoom camera..
We walked and walked but no sign of the Gallinule and after and hour and a half we left. Lots of birds in the park including flock of Goldfinches, Red-vented Bulbuls, some kind of Chiffchaffs and Sparrows.

Red-vented Bulbul. 

We drove back to our hotel and during the drive I had one Common Buzzard and couple of Great Grey Shrikes. Nice meal in hotel again and some walking in the Caleta de Fuste after that.

More coming later.


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