23. huhtikuuta 2019

Boat ride 17.4.2019

On 17th I met my friend Timo at the Herttoniemi and together we went to pick up his new boat. We had plans to ride around the close by island around Helsinki and we had awesome three hours with some learning to ride with the new boat and taking pictures from wobbly boat. My pictures are bad most of the time, but this time those are really bad and I felt hard to find anything to publish.
We had nice set of species including Shelduck, Rock Pipit, tens of Black Guillemots, hundreds of Eiders, small flock of four Brent Geese and stuff. Sun was shining and we had great time.

Black Guillemot.

Common Eiders.

Common Eiders.

Harmaja lighthouse.

We visited near Katajaluoto, Harmaja and Kuivasaari and then we slowly ride towards Herttoniemi through Tammisalo channel and near Santahamina. Small flock of Tufted Ducks near Santahamina with Red-breasted Mergansers etc.

Great day and thanks to Timo for taking me with him. Lots of new species for the year list.


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