26. huhtikuuta 2019

Eastern in Hartola. 19.4-22.4.2019

From 19th to 22nd we had nice long weekend in Hartola with my family. We had lots of good food and sauna, with some butterflies and birds.
Most of the days we just enjoyed the sun, had few beverages and relaxed, but on 21st I took Vilma with me and first we tried to twitch a local King Fisher, but without any luck. Place was full of birds and I got some Black-throated Divers, Great-crested and Red-necked Grebes, calling Chiffchaff and Few Green Sandpipers.

Red-necked Grebes

Woods from our terrace.

Distant Greater Curlew with too much heat shimmer. 

Later that day we also twitched Rustic Bunting, and this time we had even little luck with us, cause I heard the bird well. I spent almost an hour there and bird stayed in the woods calling many times. Soon Vilma started to be little bored and cranky, so we left back to the summerhouse. This was my second Rustic for the year and cause it is rapidly decreasing I will try to see these as much as possible.

It was so warm that even roe deer was in the shade. 

Male Bullfinch.

And female Bullfinch. 

Last night in Hartola was clearly the best for moths and next morning I found lots of those around our cottage walls. Here is few species from the wall.

Brachionycha nubeculosa.

Left, Achlya flavicornis. Right, Lycia Hirtaria and top Cerastis Leucographa.

Very good weekend with some new birds for the year and great start for the butterfly season. Thanks for the company Sanni, kids and my mother. I bet I will spend time in Hartola this summer, cause I will have paternal leave for 6 weeks later in August.

On our way back we stopped to visit Sanni´s mother in Vääksy and there I had migrating looking Red-throated Diver during the drive and most awesome food, again.


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