3. huhtikuuta 2019

Slow birding in Latokartano area. 27.3-30.3.2019

Recently my birding has been walking the near by areas in Viikki. With the pace I´v been working, does not really give you much more options...
On 27th we were in playground near by with kids and during the time there I was able to look around. Many Woodpigeons has arrived, flock of Tree Sparrows, some migrating Geese etc. Not much to tell but clearly it is spring here. Can´t wait to have few days off and time to visit Viikki fields and the whole bay area.

Male Mallard.

Female Mallard.


On 30th we had my mother with us and together we visited the horse stables near by. Cause there is horses, that normally means that there could be some birds too. I found few Yellowhammers, Linnets, big numbers of singing Green Finches, some Siskins and calling Grea-spotted Woodpecker.
On our way to pizzeria I noticed lone Starling with some Fieldfares and also lone male Chaffinch was feeding on short grass.

Distant Starling.

Chaffinch male. 

Funny looking Blue-billed Mallard was in our pond.

Pizza was good and I´m sure that we will visit there again.
Funny male mallard in our pond near by. That is all.. Maybe some proper birding later.


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