9. kesäkuuta 2019

Booted Warbler in Helsinki 7.6.2019

I didn´t have to wait until Greece to post my new text!
On 7th of June Jyri Heino found Booted Warbler from Malmi, Helsinki, but I was stuck at doing things cause we were having my sons birthday party next day. Hours passed and it was already 7pm when I was able to go and twitch. There was update about the bird hour earlier, so I took Vilma with me and we went to try.
When we arrived to the site there was about ten twitchers and bird was singing nicely It was nice to see Matias Castrén, Paavo Harri and few others after long time and catch up a bit.
Soon the bird gave us nice views and I even got some poor documentary photos of it.

Booted Warbler.

Booted Warbler.

Booted Warbler.

Booted Warbler is very rare in Helsinki area and from Helsinki there is only 5 records in last 19 years. I have previously seen one in Espoo back in 2013 and there is only one record after that from capital area. This species is annual breeder in Finland, but in very small numbers.
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