16. elokuuta 2019

Lammassaari with Julius. 13.8.2019

On 13th I took Julius and together we went to check if the rain has stopped any waders during their migration. Normally this time of the year is very god for those species, but this year has been poor.
We walked around the woods before we enter to the wooden path which take you to Lammassaari.
We stopped on first platform and from there I found three Red-backed Shrikes and a Great white Egret. Not bad I thought. We continued towards the island and lots of Lesser whitethroats calling around the area in deep bushes. Few Yellow Wagtails passed the reeds, but nothing better this time.
From the Lammassaari I counted 14 Ringed Plovers, nine Greenshanks, lone Broad-billed Sandpiper, one Common Sandpiper and three Woodsandpipers. Also some Caspian Terns, big flock of Barnacle Geese and two Sparrow Hawks around the area. Julius was sleeping and I was trying to find something better, but again, luck was not on my side. Five Common Snipes came from somewhere and lone Whinchat, that was all. Funniest species was Goat Moth caterpillar when we walked back to my car.
Few photos from the trip.

Maybe this one got the inner beauty. Goat Moth, Cossus Cossus.

Great White Egret. 

Adult male Red-backed Shrike. There was also two juveniles close by.

Distant Broad-billed Sandpiper. 

Part of the big flock of Barnacles. 

Nice birds and fun with my little boy.
This weekend I will take part to annual Estonian Bird race and this time the race locates in Viljandi county, which is in Southern part of the country. Great fun coming.
More local birding next week with Julius. And almost forgot to mention about Long-eared Owl I heard while jogging tonight.


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  1. Wow, the goat moth larva is astonishing. I've only seen one, ages ago, and it was so big that we were able to spot it from the car.
    Have a nice day!