13. elokuuta 2019

Suomenoja with Julius. 12.8.2019

Yesterday e had nice walk around Suomenoja, Espoo with Julius. Place is famous of breeding Horned Grebe and loads of other wildfowl.
I was hoping that Julius could sleep and I could look around, but the first round around the lake was me listening Julius and how he imitates a dog. It is pretty hilarious when one year old tries to do that, so I didn´t mind. Soon we saw our first Common pochard, witch was one of the easiest shortage from my year list. Huge numbers of Gadwals, but I wasn´t on a mood to count them all. I think around hundred birds around the area. Also Common Teal, Mallard and Showeler were pretty numerous.
After walking a bit further I found three Horned Grebe chicks with different kind of ducks and Common Moorhens were also quite common.
Julius was still awake, so I walked second lap and I was back at Grebe place where he finally turned into a sleep. I had time to check the area properly and I just left the stroller near the tower. Loads of Red Admiral butterflies with lone Peacock Butterfly and few Small Tortoiseshelles. Soon a man walked to the tower with telescope and he kindly showed me a long staying Little Grebe and I showed him a Garganey I found half an hour earlier. Good birds and some you really not see too often.
I also tried to photo some Wood Sandpipers, but pretty soon we got some light rain and all the actual light were gone.
Julius slept like one and a half hour and during that time I walked back to our car and we went back home.
Here is some photos from the day.

Vanessa Atalanta.


Common Moorhen.

Wood Sandpiper.

Juvenile Horned Grebe. 

Some stretching. 

Aglais Io.

Can you find the Little Grebe. 

Female Common Pochard. 

Still one adult Black-headed Gull with juveniles. 

More tomorrow, we are going to walk around the Viikki fields and stuff. Let´s see what we can find from there.


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