9. helmikuuta 2020

Birding with my kids. 8.2.2020

This weekend, like many other weekends I had kids and Sanni was working. I had to figure out some activities and we decided to go to Seurasaara, the place where I used to visit very often few yeas back.
We parked our car before 11 a clock and right away I got few Mergansers, loads of Mallards, lone 3cy Greater Black-backed Gull, few Common Gulls and pair of Goldeneyes near the bridge to the island.
We had also some nuts for Squirrels and bids and Vilma was super excited about giving those to the animals.
We stopped in every feeder and we gave nuts to birds and Squirrels, and we had nice close by looks of many birds like Coal Tit, Jay, Great-spotted Woodpecker, Goshawk and big flock of 30 Siskins.
Also Squirrel was very common and we had at least 15 animals around the island.
From one feeder I found Robin, which is always nice species during the winter months and I was really surprised that I heard few calls from Winter Wren from same place. I saw the bird quickly, but no photos. Always nice to see in February.

We also stopped at the picnic place and I bought us sausages to barbecue. Nice to get some warm food during the long walk. It is almost 4km from bridge to the south tip and back. With stroller and one four year old it is even longer.
Here is few pics from the day.

Terrible photo, but when you have grey day and bird is under the tree, this is what you get.. Robin.


Female Merganser.

Great Tit.

Vilma and Julius.

Sometimes you need to rest. Vilma was brave and walked the whole island. 

Nice little walk and I guess I could see more birds without the kids, but it is what it is, right? I got Common Gull, Wren, Robin and Goldeneye to my year list and that really shows how many times I have been out with my binoculars... Depressing.

Moe later, I hope.


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