24. heinäkuuta 2020

Red-crested Pochard 22.7.2020

Day before yesterday I was working when I got message of Red-crested Pochard at Vanhankaupunginlahti, near our home. I was not really worried, cause I have seen two or three before, but I thought that if it stays I will visit the site after my shift. OK, I can't lie that I didn't think about the bird during the day and soon I realized that it is new species for me in Helsinki! Also it is first record for Viikki/vanhankaupunginlahti area.

My colleague Antti came and I started to cycle rapidly to the place and took me 29 minutes to cycle a bit over 10km. I have single speed mountain bike, so that´s why I was a bit slow..

At the place I met Matias Castren and his wife Virpi and together we went to the the bird from lower platform. Bird was quite far away, but easy to find with telescope. I think it was Jouni Rytkonen who let me watch the bird from his scope, so thanks a lot! I scoped few record shots l, but images were very poor quality. Anyway I got very good Helsinki species and year tick of course. Here is few pictures of the bird. Also small flock of Dunlins around and those were also new species for in Helsinki this year. Great ending for nice day. Later we went to have some sushi with my family.

Great weather, but light was from the back and bird was too far away..

Poor document photos of the Pochard. 

Red bill was easy to see! 

More birding later.


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