13. huhtikuuta 2017

Maari tower. 12.4.2017

After my tooth surgery I had time to do what ever I want. I went to Espoo and arrived to Maari tower at 10.30am. Lots of people in the tower, but just enough room for me and my scope.
I looked the meadow and in first round with scope I had already three new species for my year list.
Caspian Terns, Common Terns and Little ringed Plover. Lots of wildfowl in the bay and Crested Grebe was also new to my list. Soon I found some Smews with Pintails and Gadwalls. Life was good, sun was shining and lots of birds.
After all I spend almost 2,5 hours in the tower and highlights were Hen Harrier, Curlews, few migrating Black-throated Divers and Chiffchaff.
Totally I got 13 new species to my year list and happily I left back home and from there to pick Vilma from day care.

Spawning Pikes near the tower.

Black-headed Gulls.

Reed Bunting.

Caspian Tern.


Thanks for the company Jani and others in the tower. Great times.
Today I woke up and looked outside.. Snowing.. Winter just came back and that is not good for the migrant birds. Let´s hope this will end soon. First White Wagtail in our backyard today walking in the snow.!


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