25. huhtikuuta 2017

No Green-winged Teal for me. 24.4.2017

It was quite early in the morning when I noticed an alarm update of Green-winged Teal in Porvoo, quite near Helsinki. Bird was found yesterday by Markus Keskitalo and somebody relocated it this morning. Vilma had doctors appointment at 10.45 am so we had to wait until the doctor will give us green light for being outside. Green light we got and my uncle Jände join us to see the bird. Just before noon we arrived to Ruskis where the bird was seen and first we tried to see it from the parking lot. I have seen one Green-winged Teal in Finland, but this time I was looking for a mega stroller tick, of course.
Jände was checking the Teals (around 200 in the area) when something scared the whole flock away.. Nice. We had to move to the bird tower and it meant that I have to carry Vilma and the strollers to the tower. Thank god Jände took my telescope, with out him I would have been in trouble.


In the tower we meet (again) Jörgen Palmgren and some other twitchers looking for the Teal.
We spend over an hour there, but no luck with the duck. Some raptor moving was clearly going on and we had female Hen Harrier, Goshawk, Osprey, some White-tailed Eagles and a real surprise, Black Kite.
Jörgen found the bird and I quickly saw it too, but only with my binos. I took my telscope, found the bird and same time I put Vilma on the strollers. Check, stroller tick number #213! I was really impressed of my quickness in this situation.
Other birds worth to mention was flock of 10 Greenshanks, Hawfinch seen by Jörgen and some flocks of distant Geese.

Vilma in the tower. 

Finally Vilma started to be cranky and tired, so we had to leave. Green-winged Teal was found (of course) later at same evening from the same place.. Maybe next time.
Black Kite was very nice and I was happy even without the Teal.
Thanks for the company Jösse and Jände.


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