6. huhtikuuta 2017

Local birds again. 28.3.2017

Finally time to write something. On 28th of March I took Vilma and together we had nice walk in sunny Maunula. Not much birds around, but Redwing with Fieldfares and Linnet were new ones for the year.
I always let Vilma play in some point and this time we were in familiar little park near the well known Dipper stream. No Dipper that time dough...
Best moment was when I noticed Goshawk sitting in a tree quite near us. I had only my binos and phone, but I managed to get some decent photos of this huge adult female bird. Bird was collecting nesting materials and it just took one branch from the dry tree!


Vilma playing!

Adult female Goshawk.


Great times.
On 29th I had sub adult Golden Eagle migrating over Pasila, near Maunula and on 30th at work I had my firs Lesser Black-bagged Gull and same thing with the Oystercatcher.


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