22. maaliskuuta 2017

Seurasaari with kids 20.3.2017

We had day full of kids and it started quite early when Sanni´s sister brought her daughter Oona (4-years old) to our place before work. With two young girls you really have to have something inspiring to do, or they will be too bored to do anything!
So, we decided to visit Seurasaari to feed some Mallards and Squirrels, and girls loved it.
I bought one kilo of peanuts and some bread and we were ready.
We arrived to the Seurasaari and there was a familiar flock of Mallards with two Mute Swans waiting for food! Also one Goldeneye and lots of Common Gulls around.

Common Gull.

Flying Mute Swan.

We walked around the island and we fed some Squirrels and birds whenever we found them.
In the middle of the island I heard Grey-headed Woodpecker, but after small search I could not find it.. Nice species anyway. Lots of Great and Blue Tits in the feeders and I hope most of the peanuts are eaten by them.
We also found one Woodpigeon, but nothing really interesting this time.

Hooded Crow.

Woodpigeon. Sign of Spring.

Oona, Sanni and Vilma trying to feed birds. 

Just before we left the island I noticed big flock of crows chasing something. Right away I knew that the bird has to Goshawk. Not many raptors will not cause the kind of fear, as the Goshawk does!

Second calendar year Goshawk. 

When we left we gave rest of the bread to the Mallards and Swans, and we left back home for the girls nap time.

Female Mallard.

Female Goldeneye.

Great trip and especially Oona was very happy that we went there. Vilma is still so small that she does not care if we visit backyard swing or this island.


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