1. maaliskuuta 2017

Second visit to see Water Rail 27.2.2017

Last week my whole family was sick and even our little Vilma got Stomach flue. We had to stay inside few days.
Mondays was full of hope after I noticed first signs spring. Lapwing in Viikki, migrating Stock Doves, Rooks in Viikki etc.
I started from Viikki sewage and tried to see Rooks on my year list. Place was full of birders but no luck with this semi rare species here in Helsinki. Four Teals and flock of 10 Starlings around.

After the sewage I went to see my friend Tyron with his daughter Ella in Vanhankaupunginlahti and together we went to check if we could find the Water Rail again. Our last twitch together was not so successful, so we had huge pressure this time!
When I arrived Tyron had already seen the bird and now we just had to wait until I saw it.
Bird showed well and I got few pictures of it, thought there was awful light for taking any photos..

All my photos were too dark.. 

Water Rail.

Water Rail.

Lots of snow and Water Rail.

Little bit better light in this photo.

Bird took something from the ground and ran away.

I really hope I could update my camera some day. Nikon 300s body is about 8 years old and I have serious trouble to get any proper pics in poor light conditions..
Maybe next Christmas.
Tomorrow I will try to see local Collared Dove from Espoo. Wish me luck.


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