18. maaliskuuta 2017

Spring birds in Helsinki. 18.3.2017

Today I had time for birds and I started from Haltiala. I was still inside of car when I noticed few Lapwings and lots of Skylarks around the fields. I stopped and checked the first field, 6 Lapwings, tens of Skylarks ( lots of them singing) and Pheasant! Great start. 
I drove further and parked my car near the farm. I had pleasant 45 minutes watching the fields and the sky. Nothing really special this time, but Merlin is always nice to see and migrating Mistle Thrush was good indicator of spring. 
I counted totally of around 70 Skylarks in the area with 20 Yellowhammers, 13 Tree Sparrows with only few Stock Doves and Woodpigeon. Again I had only telescope and phone with me, so pictures through that. 


After Haltiala I drove to Viikki. I put my telescope on in the place where I was alone and very soon I saw Ringed Plover, lots of Canada Geese, around ten Greylag Geese, seven Barnacles, lots of Lapwings and other common spring stuff. There was big group of birders few hundred meters from me, but I thought that it would be nice to find something by my self. 

I waited and soon I noticed flock of Geese flying quite near my spot. There was four Greater White-fronted Geese with (my opinion) Tundra Bean Geese (rossicus). Very nice to see these "real" Geese after long winter. Also lone Common Buzzard migrated over the area and some Stock Doves moved over my spot. TOtally I spend about an hour there and I had to leave because there was too old for my gear.. I thought that the day would be much warmer. 

Distant flock of Geese. 

So, very good day with 9 new species for the year of 2017. Spring is just around the corner and more birds coming every day. Let´s hope that I will have time to go out again very soon.


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