7. maaliskuuta 2017

Collared Dove 7.3.2017

Finally after being sick and working I had time to visit Espoo and twitch one of the easiest misses of my stroller list.
We started at just before nine a clock and after 25 minutes drive we arrived to Tillinmäki where this Dove has been the whole winter,  I guess.
I took our stroller and Vilma out of the car and walked to the place. After five minutes I found the bird walking under an dense spruce. Bird was walking toward the house which holds the feeder so I had to wait. I also saw another twitcher and told him that bird is here.
We waited and waited, but nothing.. Guy had to leave and another came to check the place with me. It took about 45minutes after I finally found the bird sleeping in that same spruce! We were mostly looked at ground level so maybe that´s why it took so long to find it..
Anyway, Vilma saw the bird too and I got very good stroller tick!
Collared Dove is almost annual, but rare visitor in my home county. Closest breeding areas are in Salo which is little bit over an hour drive from Helsinki.
Mostly these Doves are very local and that´s why rare here. Also Goshawks in breeding areas hunt these Doves very regularly.

Collared Dove.

Collared Dove.

Good day, until I found out that I have fever again...


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