14. maaliskuuta 2017

Seurasaari 14.3.2017

Finally we had time to go out. Sanni had exam and teeth surgery, so we left home early to visit Seurasaari before picking her up form Töölö.
When we arrived I noticed that sea was still covered with ice. I was hoping some open water spots and maybe some waterfowl. Well, there was one, but there was only few Mallards, pair of Goldeneyes and pair of Mute Swans. We walked around the island checking some feeders and other places.
Not much to tell... Two Willow Tits, some Coal Tits, lots of Blue and Great Tits.
Great-spotted Woodpecker showed to us and some large gulls sitting on the ice. When we walked back I had possible adult Lesser Black-backed Gull, but situation was too quick.. Good looking bird anyway.
Our walking was slow because Vilma wanted to walk by her self.
Weather was cloudy and grey, so not ideal to photograph anything.

Male Goldeneye.
Coal Tit.
Great Tit.

Great Tit on my hand.

Vilma walking in the island.
Common Gull.
And again same Goldeneye.

 So, the island was quite empty. When we arrived to my car, Sanni informed that her surgery was late and we went straight to home. During the drive in Pikkuhuopalahti I saw two Canada Geese from the car window!
Yesterday I had also short walk with Vilma and we had lone Rook fying with Crows and Jackdaws in Maunula. I checked also our Dipper place but it had only two Great-spotted and two Lesser-spotted Woodpeckers. Rook was new species on my stroller list!


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