10. kesäkuuta 2017

Haltiala area. 10.6.2017

Working, working and working. That´s my life recently. We had our wedding anniversary, my friends wedding and already in this month so not much time for the birds. On 4th of June I was eating in Jollas with my friends and got Common Rosefinch and Golden Oriole to my year list.
Today I took Vilma and her cousin Oona and together we visited Haltiala arboretum and farm. We had nice picnic and during all the eating and walking I managed to see/hear two Blyth´s Reed Warblers, Ichterine Warber, Greenish Warbler, Garden Warbler and many Thrush Nightingales.
Place was full of birds and without two little girls you could find something interesting there.. This time my other eye was watching the girls and other tried to locate all the singers from the bushes full of leafs. Hard work I´d say.

Singing Blyth´s Reed Warbler.

Same bird.


Haltiala Arboretum.

Girls and pigs. 

Great fun! Around noon we came back to our place and it was time to have a nap for the girls.
Tomorrow we are going to try the Firecrest from Pihlajasaari. It would be a nice stroller tick.


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