22. heinäkuuta 2017

First few days in Alghero, Sardinia. 19.7-22.7.2017

So, we arrived to Alghero last Wednesday around midday. Sunshine, 35 degrees and heat is what we were looking for, and we found it.
I´m always thinking about birds when we travel and this time I red about local endemic species like Marmora´s Warbler and Corsican Citrilfinch. Molton´s Warbler, Tyrhenian Spotted Flycatcher and Balearic Woodchat Shrike are interesting too, and new species to my list of course.

Without the pole this pic is perfect. It shows Country, Island and county in same picture. 

First few days we have mostly been at the beach. Vilma is enjoying the sun and water, Sanni loves sunbathing and I´m just looking around if I could find some birds from the city and from the beaches.
Our hotel is near a famous Maria Pia forest and behind that is awesome beach. I checked the forest one day when my ladies were asleep and easily I found lots of Tyrhenian Spotted Flycatchers, Sardininan Wablers, Firecrest, some Chaffinches and other common birds.
I took an effort to photo the Flycathers and here is some pics of this clearly larger subspecies.

Look at that bill! It looks more like a Shrike than Flycatcher. 

In Finland Potted Fly is small bird, here it is clearly bigger and stronger looking bird.



There has been lots of discussion about giving the full species title to this subspecies and I must say, without being any kind of expert, that at least in here, it is different birds than "normal" Spotted Fly back home.


Somekind of Lizzard in the forest.

Clear blue ocean behind the trees.

Outside my targets I have seen hundreds of Spotless Starlings, lone Alpine Swift, lots of Tree Sparrows, Italian Sparrows, three Bee-Eaters, lone Shag and lots of Yellow-legged Gulls.
From the butterfly world I have seen Hummingbird Hawk Moth, some small Blues, some fritillarys, lone Cleopatra Butterfly and somekind of big moth flying.
From Dragonflies there has been Blue-eyed Hawker and some species of Darter family.

I found this juvenile Woodpigeon from the park. Funny looking fellow. 

Finally yesterday I got my rental car and tomorrow morning I´m heading to Porto Conte natural park area to find my missing Marmora´s Warblers and other goodies.
More stuff later.


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