17. heinäkuuta 2017

Ultimate twitching day. 14.7.2017

Thank god I´m on vacation. Ari Kuusela found Steppe Eagle from Topinoja dump and after long waiting, this rare species was in reachable distance from home.
It took me less than two hours to drive and when I arrived to Turku, where the dump and bird were, it was sitting on a sandy bank.
This was maybe my easiest twitch ever. People told me where to look and then I spend 45 minutes just watching the bird sitting.. I hoped some flight show from it, but nothing.

Steppe Eagle. 

Little bit closer.

And again.

Topinoja dump. Bird was sitting behind all the garbage. 

Great bird and new species to my Finnish list.
During the visit we got a message of Pratincole species from Joroinen, but I just passed it first.
When I arrived back home the situation was "worst" possible. This Pratincole was either Oriental or Collared and both are mega rarities in Finland, with only seven records of Collared and zero records of Oriental!
I talked with Jände, my uncle and of course this was bad situation at home. Sanni waited some shopping with me and when I had to cancel that, well, things were bad..
We started at four a clock with Jände and after three and a half hour drive we arrived to Joroinen.
The bird was just sitting on a field and lots of people watched it. About 100 people saw it that night and few more next morning before it disappeared at 8:45am next day. 

Oriental Pratincole.

Oriental Pratincole.

Oriental Pratincole.

Oriental Pratincole.

What a great find. We had pleasant 50 minutes at the site and it was nice to see old friends.
Lots of discussion about the ID of the bird in facebook, but I´m sure that this is the real thing, real Maldivarum. Some of the foreign experts are sure, so why not.
If the rariteis commitee will accept this as a Oriental Pratincole, it will be a new species for Finland and only 15th for Western Palearctic.
We will know more later after the RC meeting in the near future.
We left the site and after long drive I arrived home at midnight.
Thanks Jände for great company, this was super fun. Also two new species to my FInnish list in a single day is rare. Now the number is 332
Congrats to the finders of the bird.


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