9. heinäkuuta 2017

Wedding weekend in Tampere and quick twitch 1.7.2017

Last weekend we had Sanni´s best friends wedding in Tampere. I had my mothers car, Vilma with my mother and Sanni already in Tampere, and Siberian Stonechat waiting me in Ylöjärvi, near Tampere.
I Started before nine a clock from Helsinki and took me about 2 hours to reach Ylöjärvi. Some people were waiting the bird and they told that it was seen about 20 minutes before I arrived.
I looked the field where the bird was seen but nothing in 15 minutes. Only Whinchats with their fledlings.
I took a little break and rested my eyes when I suddenly noticed a bird quite near the road and boom, there is was!
Handsome Siberian Stonechat male sitting on a branch. I took some photos and enjoyed this long waited lifer. First for me in Finland. I have seen these in other countries, of course, but it is quite rare here in Finland and especially in Helsinki area where I live.

Siberian Stonechat.

Cropped photo. 

This on going week I have worked all the time. 84 hours in one week is killing me, but my annual vacation starts next Monday, so lots of time after this week. During my nights I have seen some moths including this awesome Bedstraw Hawk Moth (Hyles Gallii).
8th of July I twitched European Serin from Viikki, which is annual, but rare here in Capital area.

Bedstraw Hawk Moth.

Next week I will start my summer vacation and I´m off next four weeks. We are going to Italy starting 19th for two weeks, so more post coming later.


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