16. toukokuuta 2019

Green-winged Teal 15.5.2019

I have been working my ass off lately so no much birding in past week or so. On 11th I twitched a female European Stonechat from Viikki. Bird was showing nicely for a moment and then I ride to work with my bicycle.
Yesterday, on 14th I had nice light morph Arctic Skua from work and same time I added Blue Throat and Common Whitethroat to my year list. Nice stuff and clearly some kind of migration going.
Today on 15th I was at home ready for some shopping I promised to Sanni when I noticed an alarm of Green-winged Teal in Vanhankaupunginlahti. I told to Sanni that Green-winged Teal is a rare bird and there is only a handful of records from Helsinki.
In an hour we were walking that famous wooden path towards Lammassaari where the bird was seen. Lots of birds during the walk and got Common Rosefinch to my list with Eurasian Reed Warbler before we arrived to the tower.

Common Rosefinch through my telescope. 

There was only one duck lying near the tower and that was the Green-winged Teal. Crazy how easy it is some times. Bird was sleeping, but showed clearly that vertical stripe and no markings of horizontal stripe, which often can be seen in hybrid birds. Head markings were really good for Green-winged and overall bird looked nice and pure yank.
I only got pictures of sleeping bird, but it is better than nothing, right!

Green-winged Teal.

Green-winged Teal.

I must thank Sanni and Julius for company and patience. This was only my second record of this species in Finland and fifth or sixth for Helsinki, so still good rarity here.


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