25. toukokuuta 2019

Terek Sandpiper 22.5.2019

On 21st Antti Mikala found Terek Sandpiper from Laajalahti, Espoo. I was working when the info came and next morning (22nd) while I was driving Vilma to daycare I got info that the bird is still there.
I dropped Vilma and went straight to Espoo to twitch this very rare wader. There is around ten records from capital area in 2000s, so good species.
When I arrived there was few people in the tower and we all enjoyed nice views of the bird, which was feeding near the tower. I saw my first Terek Sandpiper back in 2013, so it was nice to catch up with this bird. I also had one Broad-billed Sandpiper there with many Redshanks, lone Ruff and Wood Sandpipers. Here is few photos of the bird.

Terek Sandpiper.

Terek Sandpiper.

Terek Sandpiper.

on 23rd I had nice migration of Barnacles from work and I counted over thousand birds in short period of time and the highlight of the day was Golden Oriole, which I flushed from the ground. Did not expect that at all. On 24th I had my first Osprey of the year, finally.. Funny how some species so common can be so hard to see. Also two Caspian Terns and over a thousand Barnacles again.
Here is photo of the Broad-billed Sand.

Very distant bird, but Broad-billed Sandpiper.

More birding next week. We are heading to my friends wedding this weekend and Monday I promised to my friend that I can show some birds to his son, who is interested about birds.


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