20. toukokuuta 2019

Pied Avocet with friends 17.5.2019

On 17th I took Vilma and together we went to Kurkimäki (area near by) to visit a little children´s festival called Kurkijamit. There was a famous duo from our everyday children´s TV-show called Pikkukakkonen. We met my friend Tyron there and he had his daughter Ella with him. Together we watched the show and girls played together. During the time in the park I had info that a local Pied Avocet was hanging on Kallvik beach, only few kilometers from the park we were. Cause we both wanted to see the bird, it was easy to lure the girls there and tick the bird at the same time.
We arrived to the Kallvik and there was already loads of twitched around. Avocet is pretty common rarity in Finland, but somehow it is really rare in Helsinki. I checked the Tiira-system later and there is only even records in 2000´s from here. Bird was feeding actively when we arrived and after little nap it continued eating and moved along the shore in a small area. Here is few pictures of this beautiful wader. I was also lucky cause Tyron had stroller for Ella and we borrowed those to get the stroller tick for me. Vilma was kind enough to sit there for that little moment.

Underwater food market. 

Bird walked on the beach too. Bad picture but beautiful bird and it had some rings too! 

Pied Avocet. 

What a stunner. 

Kallvik beach. 

Kallvik peninsula, where the beach lays is a great place for birds. Last winter I got the King Eider from there and there is good sightings reasonably often.
This bird was actually first seen couple of days ago in Kouvola, about 130km Northeast from Helsinki and later same day bird continued and was relocated from Espoo. Color rings on its legs maybe reveal something later and I heard that there is few ringing projects with this species in Europe.


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