29. toukokuuta 2012

Espoo, 27.5.2012

Yesterday after little partying, i had to go out and watch some birds.
I woke up of course late and when i arrived to Finnå waste-water treatment plant clock, it was already noon.
I walked my normal clockwise route.
Sun was shining and there was something like 23degrees and i sweated like a pig..
Only normal species was seen..

Common Pochards, Tufted Duck and Shoveler male.

Gadwall Male.

Reed Bunting.

Common Rosefinch male.

Slavonian Grebe.

Finnå is one of my favorite place just because of Slavonian Grebes, maybe in the future i can have super photo of this specie.
After Finnå i went to the Maari birdwatching-tower. This time i left my camera in the car and just focused watching birds.
When i arrived to the tower i saw Jari Laitasalo and he´s girlfriend. Im not good with the names but was it Mirka? Sorry Jari if im wrong.
Almost first bird what i saw was Little Tern witch is nice specie here. Other birds were common shit but it was nice just watch birds in good company. Jari fond also Long-eared Owl hovering in the air, weird but nice.
Other birds worth mentioning was 3 Sparrow Hawks, Hobby, Broad-billed Sandpiper ans Osprey.
Thanks Jari for company and hope when you get your ass in to the Hanko Birdstation you will see something nice.



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