29. toukokuuta 2012

Something amazing.. 29.5.2012

Date 29.5.2012 will be remembered as one of the best days ever!
I started my work at 7am and this time i had to be at hangar roof. I was sitting there and at 8:21am something happened.
I saw weird looking bird coming from north and when it came closer i realized that im watching ALPINE SWIFT! It was totally unreal.. Bird did some circles just 10m(about) away from me.
I saw white belly and throat, huge size and when some Common Swifts came it´s size was even bigger.
I almost fell of the roof.
Hole situation lasted maybe 45seconds but in that time i was sure that this bird is not weird looking Common Swift.
This would be fourth record from Finland if RC accept this one.
Here is a photo of one bird so you people can see what it looks like. Photo is taken in Israel at 2011.

From Israel 2011, Alpine Swift.

I was in little shock rest of a day and people called me and congratulated me. Something totally new for me.
I still have little bit unreal feeling.
My shift ended at 4pm but day wasn´t over yet. Some people found Ring-necked Duck at Hanko birdstation just two days ago and there was opportunity to twitch it! We drove to Hanko and when we arrived little bit late there was something like 12 car groups waiting. We drove in one line to the parking lot and walked to the Ring-billed Duck place.
We were greeted by Aatu and he showed where the bird was. This duck was new lifer for me so it was worth of all driving.
Thanks Jari for company again! Here is great photo of bird, tajen by Aleksi Mikola. Sorry Aleksi but i had to borrow this.

Ring-necked Duck, male. (c) Aleksi Mikola

Huuh, what a day, maybe once in a life time? How knows.
More stuff coming soon.



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