17. toukokuuta 2012

Hanko Bird-observatory, 16-17.5.2012

Yesterday i came to Hanko bird-observatory, on my way i stopped at Lepinjärvi where i saw something like 10 Red-necked Grebes and few Sedge Warblers. I arrived about a 3pm and after i got my bag and other stuff in i said hello to Aatu and Aleksi.
Rest of the day was slow and not any interesting birds were seen. Total specie count yesterday was like 73.

Red-necked Grebe in Lepinjärvi.

Today we woke up at 4am and after little breakfast i got my self to the bunker witch is main observation point here in station area.
First migration was super slow and weather was shabby.. After an hour first real migrants were seen but today wasn´t the day... Best birds were 16 Common Rosefinch, Hobby and some other common stuff.
Rain was almost all day problem and when we stopped our sea-watch it was heavy rain already...
All the people went in when i noticed that my camera bag and telescope are still at the bunker..
I ran there and same time Aleksi yell´d that Jari haves Collared Flycatcher quite near.
I ran back and others were little bit ahead of me. I catch them soon and after 5minutes we arrived to the place were Jari had the Flycatcher.
First the bird were hiding and just some people saw it, i saw it only like 2sec. sitting on a branch! Nice Finnish tick for me! Bird was 2cy male and super cool looking.
I didn´t carry my camera there because of rain and soon we get back to the station and got some dry clothes on.
Rain continued about an hour and after that i went to look the flycatcher again with Aatu.
First we heard the voice but bird were hiding very effective. Aatu went back and i stay to look at it one more time. After 10minutes i spotted it sitting in a tree and then i got the photos. Nice!
Bird were quite shy and i got pics only from the distance...
Here is photos of some common birds and the Flycatcher.

Collared Flycatcher.

Arctic Tern and fish.

Common white-throat.

Lesser white-throat.

This was good day and tomorrow should be better weather, so maybe we can see something really rare.



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