18. toukokuuta 2012

Nice arctic migration, 18.5

Morning came way too early, we woke up at 4am and after little coma i got my self to the bunker. Weather was nice but wind was little bit too hard.. First Geese flocks came very soon after we start and Divers started their migration also.
Here we do sea-watch in 30min periods and normal mourning routine is 4hours. Here is numbers from routine.
m = migration
Black-throated Diver 739m
Red-throated Diver 31m
Diver Specie 552m
Barnacle Geese 1297m
Brent Goose 119m
Geese Specie 163m
Steller´s Eider 18m
Black Scooter 460m
Velvet Scooter 76m
Long-tailed Duck 2874m and 200 local birds
Eider 45m and 5000 local birds
Water bird specie 1975m
White-tailed Eagle 8locals
Marsh Harrier 2m
Greater Spotted Eagle 1m (Afternoon, i didn´t see it)
Oystercatcher 50 locals
Bar-tailed Godwit 1m
Ruddy Turnstone 1m
Arctic Skua 10m and 3locals
Short-eared Owl 1m
Yellow Wagtail 1m
Thrush Nightingale 4locals
Bluethroat 1local
Ichterine Warbler 1local
Red-backed Shrike 1 local
Parrot Crossbill 2m

Same time Jari got some birds from the net and i got some hand-pics.
Rest of the day was slow and wind was still very hard... Best bird came from net when Aleksi got weird looking Chiffchaff witch had features of ssp. Collybita Collybita witch is southern race of this specie.

Flock of Black-throated Divers.

Mr. Chaffinch.

Common Rosefinch, male.

Thrush Nightingale. 

Chiffchaff, possible ssp. Collybita Collybita.

At evening we went to the sauna.

Nice day with nice numbers of birds.


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