4. toukokuuta 2012

Pelican in Estonia!! 4.5.2012

Some guy found Estonia´s 4th White Pelican few days ago. Because pressure of Estonian ticks is horrible, Jände, Uku Paal and i decided to go and twitch the bird.
We left at 9:30pm from Helsinki and after 2,5 hour sailing we arrived to Tallin. 
Rene Otteson waited us in harbor and after the compulsory measures, we jumped in to the car.
Driving was long but because i fell asleep, it did not seem so long. 
We start looking very early and if somebody thinks that now is summer, welcome to Estonia, 0 degrees and super cold morning. 
We drove around the area and only big white birds we saw was White Storks. 
Many times we tried walk around also, and one time i saw Northern Harrier. After 2h searching, almost everybody started to be hopeless. 
Uku and Rene talked with some Estonian birders who saw bird day before we came and they got some info of fishponds. 
We drove there and after 5min Uku screamed like maniac! Pelican, Pelican!!! I was walking with Rene and we didn´t saw it first. After 50m spring in 3seconds we had bird in control. 
Pelican were sitting on field and we decided to get little bit closer. I took some photos trough Renes telescope and here is something


This was actually first pic. 

After these photos bird flew in to fishpond. Jände and Uku got super photos of flying bird. 
Before we leave we waited one more twitcher and then we left. 
Rest of the day was driving and nothing special..

Thanks Uku, Jände and Rene for company. 
This was my Estonian tick number 275.



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