30. huhtikuuta 2012

Last day in Israel (so far) 25.4.2012

We started our last morning very early because we had permission to join ringing session in Agamon Hula.
We arrived to the gate about 5 a clock and soon Jani Vastamäki and Hula Ringing station leader Dotan came.
Only one car was allowed to drive in so we all jumped in Dotans Car. 10minute drive and we were at ringing place. Jani and Dotan opened nets and we wait first lights for the day. In darkness we heard many species of birds but nothing new for our trip-list, mostly Reed Warblers and Great-Reed Warblers were singing.
First round at the nets gave us few Reed Warblers and that was almost everything. Quickly guys put rings to the birds and then Dotan served very good local Coffee. When sun rise´d birds were more active and second round gave us few Blackcaps, Reed Warblers, Great-Reed Warblers,Yellow-vented Bulbul and Cetti´s Warbler.

Yellow-vented Bulbul weighing.

Cetti´s Warbler was hand-tick for me. 

Mostly birds what we catch were Reed warblers and no rarities this time. Common White-Throat was last rounds new bird. Savi´s Warbler were singing behing the bushes but we didn´t get it to the net.
We had 4 hours nice time with guys and then Dotan gave us a ride to place where Black-Winged Kite should spend days. We jumped out of car quickly and somebody found amazing Kite sitting on a tree!! This was our last new specie for our trip-list and specie number 241! Also Kite was new Israeli tick for me of course.

Black-Winged Kite.

Soon Dotan took us back to the car and then out of the area. This was very nice morning, thank you Dotan and Jani for this opportunity to join you.
After we get back to the car, we drove straight back to the hotel and breakfast. 12. a clock we gave our hotel keys and left from the hotel.
Then we almost straightly drove to Tel-Aviv. We had to gave back our car and then start 6hour waiting in airport.
We had maybe the best Israel trip ever. 241 species wasn´t maximum and we miss few easy species like Dead-sea Sparrow, Spectacled Warbler, Rock Sparrow, Red-backed Shrike and so on..
I think 250-260 species is possible to see in two weeks if you have luck and many fresh eyes.
Best birds of this trip were, Crested Honey Buzzard, White-throated Robin, White-cheeked Tern, Cinereus Bunting, Sooty Shearwater, Pomarine Skua, Black-Winged Kite and Crimson-winged Finch.

Thank you Jände and Esko for amazing company, Thank you Roni, Yotam, Teun, Christian, Bram, Jonathan, Barak, all people in Eilat Ringing Station and all people who some how influenced our trip. We asked earlier From Yoav Perlman about some species so thank you for that.
Hope to get back soon.
My Israeli tick are now 312 so there is still room for few species.
I got 9 lifers and Long-billed Pipit was number 500 on my Western Palearctic list. Number is no 506.

Over and out.


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