17. huhtikuuta 2012

After Hula. 16.4.2012

Because we didn´t have internet connection in our hotel last night, i write this now..
At the morning we had made an appointment with Jani Vastamäki. Jani is ringing in Hula and they had some ringing session, we decided to join them.
It didn´t go as good as we think that. Yes, we had Scops Owl there but,  we were waiting at the wrong gate and when i finally call to Jani, they were already there... There was something like 3 electronic gates so we couldn´t follow them..
So we started to check some places and we ended up to some long road and that was actually very good place.
About 30 White-throated Kingfishers, 80 Bee-eaters and some other common stuff.
After this we decided to leave the are and we drove back to our super nice hotel and packed our bags.
This hotel where we lived was really nice, employees were nice and the location was super. I recommend this hotel for everyone who is birding in northern part of Israel. Here some photos from the morning.

Common Buzzard.


White-Throated Kingfisher.

After we pay our room, we started to drive trough south. Out target was Mnt. Gilboa in BeatShean valley.
After long drive we arrived to the mountain and we started to check rocky slopes. We were there like 2h and still no sight of our target specie Long-billed Pipit.
We decided to go eat something and make some plans also. I don´t know is it the food but after it we came back to same spot where we were last time, i spotted two Pipits from the slope!
ID was still little bit uncertain but we drove little bit higher and after few minutes we found those birds again! This Long-billed Pipit was my Western Palearctic tick number 500! Nice species to get full hundreds.
At the end there were at least 3 Pipits. After this we checked few fishponds near by and there was many Black Kites, White Storks, Little Egrets and Pied Kingfishers.
We got bored circulate the pools so we drove to Kfar Ruppin kibbutz and took room for us. In the evening we heard about 4 Scops Owls and 3 barn Owls. Barn Owls are nesting in old water tower middle of the kibbutz. We actually saw all three birds :)

Pied Kingfisher.

Not so good friends?

Daily car problem.

3. Extremely weak engine, haves only 2 cylinders, when normally you have 4.

Total species count is now 134.


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