4. huhtikuuta 2012

Estonia 1.4.2012

This morning we started super early... 04:15 up and after quick coffee we drove towards the Puhatu swamp.
We met our Estonian reinforcements (Margus, Mariliis and Hannes). They knew the place where Willow Grouses should be. Walking was quite long, about 3,5km and Matti had to carry me across the river because i had too low boots!

Puhatu swamp area.

We reached the main area where some people heard Grouses last time. Really only birds witch were loud, were the Black Grouses.. We counted about 10 different sounds but no Willow Grouse...
After 1h45min standing and listening started to get really cold.. Temperature was something like -10 decrees and sun was rising very fast.
We gave up soon and decided to go. Estonians were still to listen.
When we walked back, we saw few Black Grouses but that´s all.. Also we saw Bear tracks in the snow.

Black Grouse.

We drove back to the hotel, packed our bags and ate a nice breakfast. Hotels yard was again good place, and familiar Nuthaches, and Tits were present.
After we had drove something like 5km we noticed female Capercaillie right side of the road. It jumped to the air but i get some super poor images trough the windshield..

Capercaillie flying.

After this nice species, we decided to leave this forest area and try to watch some fields.
We drove about hour without stopping and some one saw nice big field full of birds.
There was many species of waterfowl. Whooper Swans, Common Shelducks, Teals, and about 8000 Geese.
most of the Geese was Bean Goose but there was also Canada Gooses and Greater White-Fronted Gooses.
Most of the passerines where Skylarks, Gold Finches and Linnets. I didn´t count Lapwings but about 150 is good number. Maybe best sighting was 3 Red Foxes! Those predators tried to get Geese liver in their lunch table.

Bean Gooses in the field. 


Shelducks and Whooper Swans.

After this place we continued our driving and didn´t actually stopped before Tallin... We saw few flocks of Geese but that was all..

Best bird in Tallin.

Our ship departed at 4pm and just after ship started it´s way, there was somebody got scene of a serious illness so we get back and it took something like 1h50min before we were able to continued..
This was very nice trip and thanks to Matti and Saara and Jände.
No new ticks this time, but nice birds and great places.



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